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  • What is Cheat Engine?

    Developed as an open source project by Eric Heijnen, CE is a hex editor/memory scanner. It allows users to search for and change values within a piece of software's memory history. While having other potential uses, search as debugging a program, the most common use is for changing values within a game, i.e. "cheating".

  • Is Cheat Engine illegal?

    The process itself of modifying software is not illegal. CE was planned as a simple way to adjust single player games. This could even be to make a level harder by reducing player health, for example. It also has other legitimate programming uses.

  • What are cheat tables for Cheat Engine?

    Cheat tables are user-created codes which could be put into the engine for specific in-game actions. This simplified searching manually for values and could accomplish much greater control over a game, such as unlocking all content available.

  • Why did Cheat Engine receive a cease and desist?

    The Entertainment Software Association claimed that by providing users with cheat tables which could unlock DLC or other in-game unlockable content. An agreement was made whereby all cheat tables would be hosted away from the official site.

  • How do I use Cheat Engine?

    CE has a multitude of uses. At its most basic, users run a game and the engine at the same time, determine the location of certain values and then make adjustments. Cheat tables are more user-friendly pre-created processes which can be thought of as traditional cheat codes.

  • Where can I get cheat tables for Cheat Engine?

    After the cease and desist fans created many unofficial websites and forums detailing new and existing cheat tables. These can easily be found but are not officially sanctioned by the creator and may infringe on a game's terms and conditions if used improperly.

  • Can I use Cheat Engine with Steam games?

    Multiplayer and online games are protected with Steam's anti-cheat software known as VAC. Players who are detected to be using CE in multiplayer games are automatically banned. Using the software within a single player game is generally considered acceptable.

  • Is Cheat Engine malware/a virus?

    Many anti-virus programs will give an alert when CE is running. This is as the program uses a similar process as trojans often use but is generally considered safe. Cheat engines, however, may be altered by other users to be dangerous and potentially harmful to a PC.

  • Can Cheat Engine work on online games?

    Some online games without dedicated anti-cheating software may be suitable for CE. However, this is often against the terms of the game and can result in a ban or account action. Most modern games will use some form of anti-cheating device and so online use of CE is generally considered dangerous and discouraged.

  • Is Cheat Engine free?

    CE is an open source project and available for free download. Cheat tables are also generally available for free. The developer does accept donations to help fund future developments through the official site.